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The Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow handles various personal injury cases, which is a broad legal category that can cover all sorts of scenarios where people get injured. By law, if you or a loved one suffered an injury in a preventable accident, you might be entitled to receive compensation from the liable party. While in some cases the liable party might be obvious, other cases might require more investigation to determine who you can sue for compensation. Our legal team is prepared to do the work to discover which parties are involved in your case, including the roles they played. We also intend to confirm these details as quickly as possible, as Maryland Code, Courts and Judicial Proceedings §5-101 gives plaintiffs about three years to file their personal injury lawsuit. This window can go by fast if your case involves collecting evidence against multiple liable parties. Let us know what happened in your accident. You can call our firm at (410) 777-8960 and get a free case evaluation from one of our team members. From there, we can explain your litigation options, and a Middle River personal injury lawyer can guide you throughout your case.

Personal Injury Law Can Apply Toward Multiple Types of Accidents

The Legal Information Institute (LII) defines a personal injury as “an injury not to property, but to the body, mind, or emotions.” Personal injury cases generally consist of the following elements:
  • You were injured in an accident.
  • That accident could have been preventable in some way.
  • The accident also could have been avoided had a specific party fulfilled their legal responsibilities.
  • You experienced more losses as a result of your injury and/or the accident.
From typical car accidents to dog bite attacks, all sorts of scenarios may qualify as a personal injury case, and our team is prepared to take on your case. Below are a few areas our lawyers practice in:
  • Passenger vehicle collisions: these cases can range from standard traffic collisions between two cars to collisions between a passenger vehicle and another road user, such as a bicyclist or pedestrian. In some cases, the passenger vehicle might also be part of a commercial business, which places liability on other parties who were not necessarily in the accident.
  • Truck accidents: these cases can be complex if the truck driver was not an independent contractor and was working for a trucking company. You might also be able to pursue compensation from the truck’s maintenance or manufacturing company if their negligence contributed to the accident.
  • Boating accidents: boats and other types of water vessels follow maritime laws and regulations, so they are treated differently than motor vehicle collisions on land. These accidents do not always involve collisions but might instead be about fires, explosions, gas leaks, and other boating malfunctions.
  • Premises liability: if you were injured on someone else’s property, you might be entitled to collect compensation from the property owner. These cases can involve slips and falls, building construction accidents, fallen objects, and electrical accidents, among other forms of property hazards. If you were injured by a dog on someone else’s property, that might also be considered a premises liability case.
If you suffered injuries in a different kind of accident, you might still qualify to pursue compensation, so do not be discouraged. Our attorneys practice in various areas within personal injury law. To confirm whether you have a case, call the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow at (410) 777-8960 and tell one of our representatives about your situation. During this free case evaluation, we can determine whether a Middle River personal injury lawyer can build an argument for your case.

Take Advantage of the Services a Personal Injury Lawyer May Provide

At the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow, we provide the following services to our clients:
  • Text communication all day: as our client, you are always welcome to call us, but if you prefer texting, that is an option at our firm as well. Each client receives a unique text number, which they can use to communicate with our staff whenever they need to. Communication is available 24/7.
  • Help with evidence collection: you might be able to get certain documentation on your own, such as a crash or incident report. However, other forms of evidence might be more difficult to obtain. That is where our team comes in. We may be able to put our resources together to help you get evidence for your case, such as expert witness testimonies, surveillance footage, and company log information.
  • Damage assessment: we can help you determine what kind of damages to pursue. Depending on your case, you might be able to get awards to cover your medical expenses, property repair costs, out-of-pocket costs for medications and other medical items, income loss, and your general pain and suffering. Your lawyer may also suggest other financial or personal damages.
  • Legal representation: your personal injury lawyer can serve as your advocate at a negotiation table or in court. They can also handle communications between your side and the other liable party’s legal team so that you can focus on your other affairs. Also, any decision to accept a settlement offer remains your decision, not your lawyer’s. They merely provide you the advice you need to make an informed decision.

Call Now to Hire an Attorney from the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow

Here at the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow, we deeply care about how our clients have been affected by their accident-related injuries. We strive to fight for your justice so that you can begin to recover from your losses with peace of mind, and we are dedicated to providing you the support you need to get through this legal battle. We invite you to call our firm at (410) 777-8960 for a free consultation. In this consultation, you can discuss what kind of losses you have faced since your accident with one of our team members and learn more about how a Middle River personal injury lawyer may assist you. If you are still searching for a medical professional, our team can also suggest medical providers to you. We take care of our clients, so let us take care of you.