What Lawyer Deals With Car Accidents?

If you are wondering what kind of lawyer deals with car accidents, lawyers who work in personal injury law can help you with your car accident case. There are many forms of personal injuries, such as workplace injuries, medical malpractice injuries, and vehicle injuries. Personal injury lawyers typically provide services to car accident victims. Depending on their practice areas, they may be referred to as car accident lawyers if they deal with vehicle accident cases on a regular basis.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Determine Liability for a Car Accident

Personal injury lawyers focus on helping accident victims pursue the compensation they may be entitled to receive. Depending on where and how your accident occurred, you may be entitled to compensation for bodily injuries, property damage, vehicle damage, lost income, burial expenses, or the loss of a loved one’s companionship. You may also be entitled to sue the at-fault party who caused your accident, but only if your injuries meet a certain threshold. A personal injury or car accident lawyer may help you gather supporting evidence for your case and file your claim with the right insurers and courts. An attorney can also help you negotiate a settlement or represent you in a trial to fight for compensation.

How a Lawyer May Help You Build Your Case

There are many ways that a lawyer that deals with car accidents can assist you after an accident.

They Can Help You Understand Relevant Laws

A car accident or personal injury lawyer may help you understand the rules and laws that apply to your case. Again, depending on where and how your accident occurred, this may involve understanding your state’s distracted driving and intoxicated driving laws, including any age limits or applicable penalties for accidents of different types. An attorney may also help you understand special laws that govern damages up to certain limits.

They Can Look into Your Insurance Coverage Policy

An attorney may review your insurance policy and how it might affect your case. According to the Maryland Insurance Administration, these are some of the insurance requirements that apply to drivers in Maryland:
  • As per the Maryland Code §19-505, there is no mandatory Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage in Maryland. PIP coverage is used in some states to cover accident victims irrespective of who caused the accident.
  • You must carry $30,000 in bodily injury liability for one person per accident.
  • You must carry $60,000 in bodily injury liability for two or more people per accident.
  • You must carry $15,000 in property damage liability per accident.
  • You must carry uninsured motorist coverage of equal values to the above.
  • The contributory negligence law applies in Maryland, where one percent of negligence can hurt you as the claimant or plaintiff.
  • You or the other driver may have other forms of coverage, such as comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, ridesharing motorist coverage, and passenger coverage.
It can be difficult to understand which of these vehicle-related insurance coverages apply to your case, in which order, and to what extent. You may also have to deal with health insurance coverage that might kick in if the policies above are exhausted. You may even have to sue if you suffer catastrophic, long-term, or permanent injuries that affect your ability to work or perform basic tasks.

They May Gather Evidence, Handle Insurers, and File Your Claim

The car accident claims process may involve collecting evidence, identifying the liable party for the accident, and identifying potentially compensable damages or losses you suffered in the accident. To file a claim, you must also quantify your damages and submit a letter of intent to seek compensation from the at-fault party’s insurer. You may also be required to obtain a certificate of merit from a qualified medical professional that states your injuries warrant treatment or compensation. In addition to all of the above, you may be required to obtain a police report of the accident, along with eyewitness statements and surveillance footage or dashcam footage from other drivers. You must also file your claim within the statutes of limitations and arrive at a fair dollar figure you wish to receive as compensation. If you are unfamiliar with personal injury and/or insurance and accident law, doing all of this may be difficult on your own. A lawyer who deals with car accidents can help you gather evidence to build your case and file a claim with the right people on time. An attorney can also handle insurance adjusters and negotiations on your behalf.

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