Hard Fought Settlement for Auto Accident Client

The Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow recently settled a case for our client in which we received the best possible outcome for him.

Our client was involved in a high-impact collision in which a young driver pulled out onto a main road without checking to make sure it was safe to do so. As a result, she struck our client's vehicle and he sustained very serious injuries that required neck surgery. He spent many days in the hospital and, post-surgery, underwent an arduous recovery.

Months later, our firm presented all the medical records, bills and photographs of the collision to the insurance company for the negligent driver. However, the insurance company refused to engage in meaningful settlement discussions. Since our client had a similar surgery over a decade prior to this collision, it wanted to review the prior medical records. Our firm refused to provide the insurance company with those records because our client had fully recovered and had no neck or back pain just prior to the collision.

We held the line, so to speak, and would not provide the insurance company with any medical documentation from the earlier surgery. We constantly informed the insurance company that it was not acting in good faith. This strategy was very effective because we finally settled the case at policy limits of $250,000. Our client was thrilled with the result and very appreciative of our efforts.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle collision as a result of someone else's negligence, it is critical that you chose the right attorney to represent you. Our firm was prepared to fight for our client's compensation in court. Fortunately, we were able to resolve this matter before litigation ensued.

The insurance companies respect the attorneys who will go the distance for their clients. If you choose the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow for your personal injury claim, you will receive the professional and aggressive legal representation that you deserve.

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