Client Receives Justice in District Court Trial

Attorney Adam M. Smallow was proud to represent a Baltimore County client at a recent trial that resulted in a very successful verdict. Our client was thrilled at the outcome and it was another reminder to the corrupt insurance companies that the Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow will fight as hard as possible to achieve justice for their injured clients.

Most Maryland insurance companies refuse to engage in fair and meaningful settlement discussions after their negligent drivers cause collisions that injure other motorists or pedestrians. These unfair practices will not change anytime soon due to the unfavorable personal injury laws in this state. Therefore, this climate underscores the need for a compassionate and aggressive law firm to guide injured clients through the minefield of a personal injury claim.

Earlier this year, Adam M. Smallow was retained by a client who was injured when another driver changed lanes without looking and stuck the side of his vehicle. In fact, the impact was so forceful that it drove our client into the lane to his left that, fortunately, was an unoccupied center median strip. Moreover, he sustained heavy damage to the right front side of his vehicle.

As so often happens, the negligent driver lied to his insurance company and blamed the collision on our client. However, photographs taken at the scene of the collision revealed the truth: the negligent driver’s vehicle came to rest in our client’s original lane of travel. So anyone with common sense could see that it was the other driver who turned into our client’s lane…BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE HIS CAR ENDED UP AFTER THE COLLISION!

However, most insurance companies do not incorporate anything even close to common sense in their claims process. Instead, they do whatever they can to avoid the fair evaluation of claims. In this case, Maryland has a state-run insurance company that operates about as poorly as any insurance company out there. The adjuster denied our client’s claim and we were left with no choice but to file a lawsuit in the Baltimore County District Court.

At trial, Attorney Smallow used the photographs as the key evidence to prove that the negligent driver did indeed turn into his client’s lane and cause the collision. The Judge was convinced and found for the Plaintiff (our client) at the end of the trial. The verdict was in the amount of $13,000, which was very high in light of the fact that our client did not go to the hospital and his medical bills were only $2,500.

While this was not a big case for our firm compared to some of the life-altering injuries we see on a weekly basis…it was our client’s case and that is what matters most. The Law Offices of Adam M. Smallow fights for every single one of our clients no matter the type of auto accident.

We will always go the distance for our clients when the insurance companies attempt to obstruct the personal injury claims process.

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